My name is Dina.  I decided to write this blog in order to spill all the nasty stuff that has been eating at my guts for forty years.

Forty years ago I ran away from home.  I thought I was not merely escaping from a terrible home situation, but going forward into a better world, a kinder world where there would be love and peace and respect.

It was a rude awakening.  This blog is about what happened to me when I was sixteen and on the road.  It’s written in the voice of that sixteen year old girl, who has been asking me to let her out, set her voice free, let her tell her story–all of it.  So I have given her permission to tell her story.  It may not be pretty, but it’s real.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. I can relate to you in some ways quite a bit, and I admire your courage. I write about my own childhood in my blog but I don’t have the guts to use my real name.

    • I don’t either, really. This blog is not under my real name. My other one, Bipolar For Life, is…and I live in constant fear that certain people will find it, and I will be kicked out again. And I’m sixty years old now…you’d think I would have got over it by now….

  2. You are amazingly strong, courageous, brave and beautiful….and I say that without having any idea of your looks, your beauty is. Far deeper than the skin! I hope your life is wonderful, you certainly deserve it…..and I hope some young girl reads your message and realizes just how hard life on the streets really can be……yes, you are a survivor, but it seems to me you are also a winner!!!

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