Introducing my new blog

I’m kind of excited to publicize my new blog, Dina Leah: story of a teenage runaway

The reason I’m “kind of excited” is that I’ve committed to finally telling my story right out loud, in serial form.  This time I’m writing under a pseudonym, Dina Leah, for a number of reasons.  Mostly I don’t want to deal with fallout from my family.  Not that I care so much about hurting anyone’s feelings, because every time I went to them to try to tell them what happened, I met with stony silence and denial.  So if they were to read this and know that I’m writing the story of what happened to me, and they want to read it, so be it.  Maybe they’ll learn something they didn’t know before.

On the other hand, the mother that drove me out of her home is still alive, and still as narcissistic as ever, and might retaliate in some unpleasant way.  I guess the worst thing she could do is to throw me out again, which she has done many times.  That would result in my not getting to spend time with my ailing father, which would pain me greatly, as she well knows.  Or perhaps she would just choose to hammer me with ridicule and sarcasm, which would probably result in another trip to Canada for more rTMS treatments before I left permanently, with great sorrow and regret.

For even the subjects of abuse often love their abusers, and try to shelter them from harm.

Ah well.  This will all come out in my memoir, which will take form in the shape of

Dina Leah: story of a teenage runaway.

I invite you to follow her blog.  Please be advised that it contains PTSD triggers galore.  I would love it if you would participate in the conversation.  Sharing and processing our traumas can help us heal.  Solidarity gives strength.  Hope to see you there.

7 thoughts on “Introducing my new blog

      • Thank you! hehe @ cat’s pajamas! I agree, Ruth is a good, kind woman. Happy writings to you, I look forward to it all, and especially hearing how you handle/manage your trauma. Besides having a general personal, human interest in understanding prostitution and violence in general (because to prevent something, we need to fully understand it), I am also a mental health worker so am always interested in hearing how people deal with and manage their trauma.


  1. I just want to offer you a few warm words of support as you tackle a project that takes great courage. I enCOURAGE you to take CARE of yourself along the way and know that you are not alone in your grief and pain. -Laurie

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